Dust absorption and scattering in the silicon K-edge

  title={Dust absorption and scattering in the silicon K-edge},
  author={Sascha Zeegers and Elisa Costantini and D. Rogantini and C. P. de Vries and Harald Mutschke and Peter Mohr and F. de Groot and A.G.G.M. Tielens Sron and Leiden Observatory and A. Jena and Debye Institute for Nanomaterials Science and Asiaa},
The composition and properties of interstellar silicate dust are not well understood. In X-rays, interstellar dust can be studied in detail by making use of the fine structure features in the Si K-edge. The features in the Si K-edge offer a range of possibilities to study silicon-bearing dust, such as investigating the crystallinity, abundance, and the chemical composition along a given line of sight. We present newly acquired laboratory measurements of the silicon K-edge of several silicate… CONTINUE READING


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Si K-edge GX 17+2

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