Duration of human immunodeficiency virus infection before detection of antibody.

  title={Duration of human immunodeficiency virus infection before detection of antibody.},
  author={Charles Robert Horsburgh and C. Y. Ou and Janine M. Jason and Scott Holmberg and Ira M. Longini and C D Schable and Kenneth H. Mayer and Alan R. Lifson and G. Schochetman and John W K Ward},
  volume={2 8664},
To estimate the duration and frequency of the period of HIV infection without detectable antibody, modelling techniques were applied to results of detection of HIV DNA by means of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and to data from cases in published reports. PCR was carried out with gag and env region primers on samples from 27 homosexual and 12 haemophilic men for whom stored samples were available from before and after seroconversion; serum was also tested for p24 antigen by antigen-capture… CONTINUE READING

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