Duration of antimicrobial prophylaxis in vascular surgery.

  title={Duration of antimicrobial prophylaxis in vascular surgery.},
  author={John Kelseyy Doug Whitingz David Wagnerx Chris Hall and Keryn J. Christiansen and Martin E. Goodman and Michael M M D Lawrence-Brown and Frank J Prendergast and Per Rosenberg and Bonnie Mills and Jane L Hall},
  journal={American journal of surgery},
  volume={175 2},
BACKGROUND This randomized clinical trial compares the incidence of wound infection after vascular surgery in patients who received prophylaxis using the same antibiotic as either a single-dose or a multiple-dose regimen (until the lines/drain tubes were removed, but not for more than 5 days). METHODS Each of the 302 patients who entered the study received ticarcillin 3.0 g/clavulanate 0.1 g (Timentin) intravenously immediately after the induction of anesthesia. Patients randomized to the… CONTINUE READING

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