Dural plasmacytoma mimicking meningioma in a young patient with multiple myeloma


Intracranial involvement in multiple myeloma (MM) is rarely found, especially with dural involvement. There are only a few cases found concerning MM with intracranial involvement. MM usually involves an older group of patients. Cases involving young patients are very rare. The differential diagnosis of a dural plasmacytoma includes meningioma, metastasis, lymphoma and sarcoma of the dura mater. We present a young patient, 33 years old, with MM presenting an intracerebral mass mimicking meningioma on MRI. MM was diagnosed the previous year. The patient presented with headache, balance disturbance and back pain. MRI revealed an occipital extra-axial mass with a dural tail. Histopathological examination after excision showed MM. Published literatures on intracranial involvement of MM are also discussed. Plasmacytoma should be considered in the differential diagnosis of a solitary dural mass, particularly in a patient with MM.

DOI: 10.2349/biij.5.2.e5

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