Dural cavernous angiomas in a child.

  title={Dural cavernous angiomas in a child.},
  author={John N. K. Hsiang and H. K. S. Ng and Raymond King Yin Tsang and Wai Sang Poon},
  journal={Pediatric neurosurgery},
  volume={25 2},
Dural-based cavernous angiomas are rare intracranial vascular lesions. Most of the reported cases are located in the middle cranial fossa, and those located outside the middle fossa are even more uncommon. Thus far, only 3 pediatric cases have been reported and all of them were found outside the middle fossa of a neonate. We would like to add the fourth pediatric case of a dural-based cavernous angioma located in the posterior fossa of a 5-year-old boy.