DukeMTMC4ReID: A Large-Scale Multi-camera Person Re-identification Dataset

  title={DukeMTMC4ReID: A Large-Scale Multi-camera Person Re-identification Dataset},
  author={Mengran Gou and Srikrishna Karanam and WenQian Liu and Octavia I. Camps and Richard J. Radke},
  journal={2017 IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Workshops (CVPRW)},
In the past decade, research in person re-identification (re-id) has exploded due to its broad use in security and surveillance applications. Issues such as inter-camera viewpoint, illumination and pose variations make it an extremely difficult problem. Consequently, many algorithms have been proposed to tackle these issues. To validate the efficacy of re-id algorithms, numerous benchmarking datasets have been constructed. While early datasets contained relatively few identities and images… CONTINUE READING
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