Duck hepatitis B virus and liver diseases.

  title={Duck hepatitis B virus and liver diseases.},
  author={Masao Omata and Katsuo Uchiumi and Yoshimi Ito and Osamu Yokosuka and J G Mori and Keiji Terao and Y Wei-Fa and Ann P O'Connell and William T London and Kunio Okuda},
  volume={85 2},
The presence of duck hepatitis B virus in serum was studied in 61 ducks (24 from Chi-tung county, China, 20 from Changchun, China, and 17 from Chiba, Japan) with relation to liver disease. None of the 37 ducks from Chiba and Changchun was positive for duck hepatitis B virus as assayed by electron microscopy, endogenous deoxyribonucleic acid-polymerase activity, and hybridization with duck hepatitis B virus deoxyribonucleic acid. No liver disease was seen in these ducks. In contrast, viruslike… CONTINUE READING