Dubious Types and Boundary Disputes: Contested Understandings of Concepts of Discrimination

  title={Dubious Types and Boundary Disputes: Contested Understandings of Concepts of Discrimination},
  author={John G. Wrench},
A prevailing notion of racial/ethnic discrimination is that it is rooted in racism and ethnic prejudice. In fact there are many 'types' of racial/ethnic discrimination, and direct racist discrimination is only one of them. However, whilst direct racist discrimination is perhaps the easiest type to understand, some of the other types are contested in their meaning and used inconsistently in the academic literature. The paper begins by listing the types of discrimination related to the area of… 
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1. Introduction Part I: 2. The Concept of Discrimination 3. Systemic Discrimination in Employment 4. The Limits of Complaint-Based Approaches in Addressing Systemic Discrimination in Employment 5.

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