Duality of Quasilocal Gravitational Energy and Charges with Non-orthogonal Boundaries


We study the duality of quasilocal energy and charges with non-orthogonal boundaries in the (2+1)-dimensional low-energy string theory. Quasilocal quantities shown in the previous work and some new variables arisen from considering the non-orthogonal boundaries as well are presented, and the boost relations between those quantities are discussed. Moreover, we show that the dual properties of quasilocal variables such as quasilocal energy density, momentum densities, surface stress densities, dilaton pressure densities, and Neuve-Schwarz(NS) charge density, are still valid in the moving observer’s frame. PACS : 04.20.-q, 04.90.+e Typeset using REVTEX electronic address:sungwon@mm.ewha.ac.kr electronic address:wtkim@ccs.sogang.ac.kr electronic address:john5@string.sogang.ac.kr electronic address:quicksilver@string.sogang.ac.kr 1

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