Duality for powerset coalgebras

  title={Duality for powerset coalgebras},
  author={Guram Bezhanishvili and Luca Carai and Patrick J. Morandi},
  journal={Log. Methods Comput. Sci.},
Let CABA be the category of complete atomic boolean algebras and complete boolean homomorphisms, and let CSL be the category of complete meet-semilattices and complete meet-homomorphisms. We show that the forgetful functor from CABA to CSL has a left adjoint. This allows us to describe an endofunctor H on CABA such that the category Alg(H) of algebras for H is dually equivalent to the category Coalg(P) of coalgebras for the powerset endofunctor P on Set. As a consequence, we derive Thomason… 
A Coalgebraic Approach to Dualities for Neighborhood Frames
An endofunctor is constructed on the category of complete and atomic Boolean algebras that is dual to the double powerset functor on Set to show that Thomason duality for neighborhood frames can be viewed as an algebra-coalgebra duality.
Remarks on Hyperspaces for Priestley Spaces
. The Priestley space X = ( X, π, ≤ ) of a bounded distributive lattice L carries three natural topologies, the Stone topology π , the topology of open upsets, and the topology of open downsets. For


Stone Coalgebras
B yabstract Stone duality we mean that the topology or contravariant powerset functor, seen as a self-adjoint exponential Σ (−) on some category, is monadic. Using Beck's theorem, this means that
On the non-existence of free complete Boolean algebras
Rieger asked in 1951 if there exists a free complete Boolean algebra on ω complete generators. Crawley and Dean proved in 1955 that there does not exist a free complete lattice on three complete
A Cook's Tour of the Finitary Non-Well-Founded Sets
A topological universe of finitary sets, which can be seen as a natural limit completion of the hereditarily finite sets, is given, which contains non-well founded sets and a universal set and is closed under positive versions of the usual axioms of set theory.
Categories of frames for modal logic
The category theory a reader needs to know is in the first twenty pages of [7], and the proofs of duality involve some rather detailed calculations, which have been omitted.
The Pontryagin Duality of Compact O-Dimensional Semilattices and Its Applications
Preliminaries.- The category of discrete semilattices and the category of compact zero-dimensional semilattices.- The character theory of compact and discrete semilattices.- Application of duality to
Free Completely Distributive Lattices
We show that the usual construction of the free distributive lattice on n generators generalizes to an arbitrary quantity of generators and actually yields a free completely distributive lattice.
Algebraic logic, I. Monadic boolean algebras
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Algebraic logic
This chapter discusses “concrete” algebraic logic, which is built around a duality theory which associates quasi-varieties of algebras to logical systems (logics for short) and vice versa.
Bounded Lattice Expansions
Abstract The notion of a canonical extension of a lattice with additional operations is introduced. Both a concrete description and an abstract characterization of this extension are given. It is