Duality covariant field redefinitions

  title={Duality covariant field redefinitions},
  author={Walter H. Baron},
  journal={Physical Review D},
  • W. Baron
  • Published 31 December 2021
  • Physics
  • Physical Review D
We explore the role of the dilaton field on higher-derivative supergravity within the framework of Double Field Theory and use it to fix the Lorentz-noncovariant field redefinitions connecting the metric and dilaton fields with the duality multiplets. 

The α′2 correction from double field theory

It is known that the order α′ correction to the tree-level effective action for the bosonic and heterotic string can be described in the framework of Double Field Theory (DFT). Here we determine the



T-duality and α′-corrections

A bstractWe construct an O(d, d) invariant universal formulation of the first-order α′-corrections of the string effective actions involving the dilaton, metric and two-form fields. Two free

The generalized Bergshoeff-de Roo identification. Part II

We recently introduced a T-duality covariant mechanism to compute all-order higher-derivative interactions in the heterotic string. Here we extend the formalism to account for a two-parameter family

String theory at order α′2 and the generalized Bergshoeff-de Roo identification

Abstract It has been shown by Marques and Nunez that the first α′-correction to the bosonic and heterotic string can be captured in the O(D, D) covariant formalism of Double Field Theory via a

α′-corrections and their double formulation

  • Eric Lescano
  • Education
    Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical
  • 2021
The present notes are based on three lectures, each 90 min long, prepared for the school ‘Integrability, Dualities and Deformations’, that ran from 23 to 27 August 2021 in Santiago de Compostela and

General string cosmologies at order α′3

We compute the cosmological reduction of general string theories, including bosonic, heterotic and type II string theory to order α′3, i.e., with up to eight derivatives. To this end we refine

New non-perturbative de Sitter vacua in α′-complete cosmology

Abstract The α′-complete cosmology developed by Hohm and Zwiebach classifies the O(d, d; ℝ) invariant theories involving metric, b-field and dilaton that only depend on time, to all orders in α′.

O(D,D)-covariant two-loop β-functions and Poisson-Lie T-duality

Abstract We show that the one- and two-loop β-functions of the closed, bosonic string can be written in a manifestly O(D,D)-covariant form. Based on this result, we prove that1) Poisson-Lie

Quantum Correction to Generalized T Dualities.

It is shown thatPoisson-Lie duality can be viewed as a map between solutions of the low-energy effective equations of string theory at the (super) gravity level, and this fact extends to the next order in α^{'} (two loops in σ-model perturbation theory) provided that the map is corrected.

Solution of the size and horizon problems from classical string geometry

In a recent paper we developed a string cosmology background from classical string geometry. Here, we show that this background yields a solution to the size and horizon problems of Standard Big Bang

Generalized dualities and higher derivatives

Generalized dualities had an intriguing incursion into Double Field Theory (DFT) in terms of local O(d, d) transformations. We review this idea and use the higher derivative formulation of DFT to