Duality and Representations for New Exotic Bialgebras

  title={Duality and Representations for New Exotic Bialgebras},
  author={D. Arnaudon and Arunava Chakrabarti and Vladimir Dobrev and Slavy Mihov},
We find the exotic matrix bialgebras which correspond to the two nontriangular nonsingular 4 × 4 R-matrices in the classification of Hietarinta, namely, RS0,3 and RS1,4. We find two new exotic bialgebras S03 and S14 which are not deformations of the of the classical algebras of functions on GL(2) or GL(1|1). With this we finalize the classification of the matrix bialgebras which unital associative algebras generated by four elements. We also find the corresponding dual bialgebras of these new… CONTINUE READING

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