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Dualities in Convex Algebraic Geometry

  title={Dualities in Convex Algebraic Geometry},
  author={Philipp Rostalski and Bernd Sturmfels},
  journal={arXiv: Optimization and Control},
Convex algebraic geometry concerns the interplay between optimization theory and real algebraic geometry. Its objects of study include convex semialgebraic sets that arise in semidefinite programming and from sums of squares. This article compares three notions of duality that are relevant in these contexts: duality of convex bodies, duality of projective varieties, and the Karush-Kuhn-Tucker conditions derived from Lagrange duality. We show that the optimal value of a polynomial program is an… 
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Author(s): Vinzant, Cynthia Leslie | Advisor(s): Sturmfels, Bernd | Abstract: In the past twenty years, a strong interplay has developed between convex optimization and algebraic geometry. Algebraic
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This paper proves that the conclusion that the optimal value function Φ is represented by the defining equation of the hypersurface dual to the projective closure of X is still true for a noncompact real algebraic variety X, when X is irreducible, smooth and the recession cone of the closure of the convex hull co (X) ofX is pointed.
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The goal is to compute a representing polynomial which defines a hypersurface containing the graph of the optimal value function, and an algorithm for solving the considered parametric optimization problem for generic parameters' values.
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Semidefinite Representations of Noncompact Convex Sets
The conditions of pointedness and closedness at infinity of a semialgebraic set are introduced and it is shown that under these conditions the authors' modified hierarchies of nested theta bodies and Lasserre's relaxations converge to the closure of the convex hull of $S$.


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This chapter discusses computing roadmaps and Connected Components of Algebraic Sets, as well as the "complexity of Basic Algorithms" and "cylindrical Decomposition Algorithm".
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An algorithm is proposed, using numerical linear algebra and semidefinite optimization techniques, to compute all (finitely many) points of the real variety Vℝ(I) as well as a set of generators of theReal radical ideal, obtained in the form of a border or Gröbner basis.
Global Optimization with Polynomials and the Problem of Moments
It is shown that the problem of finding the unconstrained global minimum of a real-valued polynomial p(x): R n to R, in a compact set K defined byPolynomial inequalities reduces to solving an (often finite) sequence of convex linear matrix inequality (LMI) problems.