Dual wavelength Q-switched cascade laser.


A diode-cladding-pumped dual wavelength Q-switched Ho3+-doped fluoride cascade fiber laser operating in the mid-infrared is demonstrated. Stable pulse trains from the (5)I6 → (5)I7 and (5)I7 → (5)I8 laser transitions were produced, and the μs-level time delay between the pulses from each transition was dependent on the pump power. At maximum pump power and… (More)
DOI: 10.1364/OL.37.002208


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@article{Li2012DualWQ, title={Dual wavelength Q-switched cascade laser.}, author={Jianfeng Li and Tomonori Hu and Stuart Jackson}, journal={Optics letters}, year={2012}, volume={37 12}, pages={2208-10} }