Dual-switch valve: clinical performance of a new hydrocephalus valve.

  title={Dual-switch valve: clinical performance of a new hydrocephalus valve.},
  author={H. A. Trost and Christian Sprung and Wolfgang R. Lanksch and Dietmar Stolke and Christoph Miethke},
  journal={Acta neurochirurgica. Supplement},
The Dual-Switch valve (DSV) is the first construction on the market which changes between two different valve-chambers in parallel depending on the posture of the patient. In the lying position the valve acts like a conventional differential pressure valve, in the vertical position the high-pressure chamber only opens, when the pressure exceeds the hydrostatic pressure difference between the formanen of Monro and the peritoneal cavity. The new device has been implanted in 32 adult patients with… CONTINUE READING