Dual role of Nr2e3 in photoreceptor development and maintenance.

  title={Dual role of Nr2e3 in photoreceptor development and maintenance.},
  author={Andrea L Webber and Paul Hodor and Catherine J Thut and Thomas F. Vogt and Theresa Zhang and Daniel J. Holder and Konstantin Petrukhin},
  journal={Experimental eye research},
  volume={87 1},
Nr2e3 is a photoreceptor-specific nuclear receptor believed to play a role in photoreceptor development, differentiation, and survival. Much research has focused on the interaction of Nr2e3 with other transcription factors in determining the milieu of target gene expression in photoreceptors of the neonatal and adult retina. To investigate the downstream targets of Nr2e3 and thereby shed light on the functional pathways relevant to photoreceptor development and maintenance, expression profiling… CONTINUE READING


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