Dual-radios hypermesh network based on CSMA protocol


Recently, multi-radio mesh technology in wireless networks has been put under extensive research. This is because of its potential to overcome the inherent wireless multi-hop throughput, scalability and latency problems caused by the half-duplex nature of the IEEE 802.11. This paper introduces a design and modelling of different elements on a distinct type… (More)
DOI: 10.1109/ICOIN.2013.6496376


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@article{Ahmed2013DualradiosHN, title={Dual-radios hypermesh network based on CSMA protocol}, author={Nuredin Ahmed and Adel Emhemmed and Khaled Elgaid}, journal={The International Conference on Information Networking 2013 (ICOIN)}, year={2013}, pages={198-203} }