Dual primer emulsion PCR for next- generation DNA sequencing.

  title={Dual primer emulsion PCR for next- generation DNA sequencing.},
  author={Ming Yan Xu and Anthony D. Aragon and Monica R Mascarenas and Norah Torrez-Mart{\'i}nez and Jeremy S. Edwards},
  volume={48 5},
We have developed a highly sensitive single-molecule clonal amplification method called dual primer emulsion PCR (DPePCR) for next-generation DNA sequencing. The approach is similar in concept to standard emulsion PCR; however, in DPePCR both primers are attached to the beads, therefore following PCR amplification, both strands of the PCR products are attached to the beads. The ends of each strand can be freed for analysis by restriction digestion of the bridged PCR fragments, which allows… CONTINUE READING

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