Dual-polarization multiplexing amorphous Si:H grating couplers for silicon photonic transmitters in the photonic BiCMOS backend of line

  title={Dual-polarization multiplexing amorphous Si:H grating couplers for silicon photonic transmitters in the photonic BiCMOS backend of line},
  author={Galina Georgieva and Christian Mai and Pascal M. Seiler and Anna Peczek and Lars Zimmermann},
  journal={Frontiers of Optoelectronics},
In this paper, we report on polarization combining two-dimensional grating couplers (2D GCs) on amorphous Si:H, fabricated in the backend of line of a photonic BiCMOS platform. The 2D GCs can be used as an interface of a hybrid silicon photonic coherent transmitter, which can be implemented on bulk Si wafers. The fabricated 2D GCs operate in the telecom C-band and show an experimental coupling efficiency of − 5 dB with a wafer variation of ± 1.2 dB. Possibilities for efficiency enhancement and… 



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