Dual olfactory pathway in the honeybee, Apis mellifera.

  title={Dual olfactory pathway in the honeybee, Apis mellifera.},
  author={Sebastian Kirschner and Christoph Johannes Kleineidam and Christina Zube and J{\"u}rgen Rybak and Bernd Gr{\"u}newald and Wolfgang R{\"o}ssler},
  journal={The Journal of comparative neurology},
  volume={499 6},
The antennal lobes (ALs) are the primary olfactory centers in the insect brain. In the AL of the honeybee, olfactory glomeruli receive input via four antennal sensory tracts (T1-4). Axons of projection neurons (PNs) leave the AL via several antenno-cerebral tracts (ACTs). To assign the input-output connectivity of all glomeruli, we investigated the spatial relationship of the antennal tracts and two prominent AL output tracts (medial and lateral ACT) mainly formed by uniglomerular (u) PNs using… CONTINUE READING
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