Dual-frequency single-pulse study of PSR B0950+08

  title={Dual-frequency single-pulse study of PSR B0950+08},
  author={Anna V. Bilous and Jean-Mathias Grie{\ss}meier and Timothy T. Pennucci and Z. Wu and L. Bondonneau and Vladislav I. Kondratiev and Joeri van Leeuwen and Yogesh Maan and Liam Connor and L. C. Oostrum and Emily Petroff and Joris P W Verbiest and Dany Vohl and J. W. McKee and G M Shaifullah and Gilles Theureau and Oleg M. Ulyanov and Baptiste Cecconi and A. Coolen and S. Corbel and Sieds Damstra and Helga D{\'e}nes and Julien N. Girard and Boudewijn Hut and Marianna V. Ivashina and Oleksandr Konovalenko and Alexander Kutkin and G Marcel Loose and Henk Mulder and Mark Ruiter and Roy J.M. Smits and Peter L. Tokarsky and N. J. Vermaas and Vyacheslav V. Zakharenko and Philippe Zarka and Jacob Ziemke},
  journal={Astronomy \& Astrophysics},
PSR B0950+08 is a bright non-recycled pulsar whose single-pulse fluence variability is reportedly large. Based on observations at two widely separated frequencies, 55 MHz (NenuFAR) and 1.4 GHz (Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope), we review the properties of these single pulses. We conclude that they are more similar to ordinary pulses of radio emission than to a special kind of short and bright Giant Pulses, observed from only a handful of pulsars. We argue that temporal variation of… Expand


Dual-frequency single-pulse study of PSR
  • 2002
Pulsars : 13 Years of Research on Neutron Stars
  • 1981
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    Dual-frequency single-pulse study of PSR B0950+08