Dual <formula formulatype="inline"><tex>${H}_{\infty}$</tex> </formula> Algorithms for Signal Processing&#x2014; Application to Speech Enhancement


This paper deals with the joint signal and parameter estimation for linear state-space models. An efficient solution to this problem can be obtained by using a recursive instrumental variable technique based on two dual Kalman filters. In that case, the driving process and the observation noise in the state-space representation for each filter must be white… (More)


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@article{Labarre2007DualF, title={Dual \$\{H\}_\{\infty\}\$ Algorithms for Signal Processing— Application to Speech Enhancement}, author={David Labarre and Eric Grivel and Mohamed Najim and Nicolai Christov}, journal={IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing}, year={2007}, volume={55}, pages={5195-5208} }