Dual descriptions of spin-two massive particles in D = 2 + 1 via master actions

  title={Dual descriptions of spin-two massive particles in D = 2 + 1 via master actions},
  author={Denis Dalmazi and Elias L. Mendonça},
  journal={Physical Review D},
In the first part of this work we show the decoupling (up to contact terms) of redundant degrees of freedom which appear in the covariant description of spin-two massive particles in D=2+1. We make use of a master action which interpolates, without solving any constraints, between a first-, second-, and third-order (in derivatives) self-dual model. An explicit dual map between those models is derived. In our approach the absence of ghosts in the third-order self-dual model, which corresponds to… 

Duality and unitarity of massive spin-3/2 models in $$D=2+1$$

In this work we provide a triple master action interpolating among three self-dual descriptions of massive spin-3/2 particles in $D=2+1$ dimensions. Such result generalizes a master action previously

Dual descriptions of massive spin-3 particles in D=2+1 via Noether gauge embedment

We present here a relationship among massive self-dual models for spin-3 particles in D = 2 + 1 via the Noether Gauge Embedment (NGE) procedure. Starting with a first order model (in derivatives) S

A new spin-2 self-dual model in D = 2+1

There are three self-dual models of massive particles of helicity +2 (or -2) in D = 2+1. Each model is of first, second, and third-order in derivatives. Here we derive a new self-dual model of

Dual equivalence between self-dual and topologically massive B∧F models coupled to matter in 3+1 dimensions

In this work, we revisit the duality between a self-dual non-gauge invariant theory and a topological massive theory in $3+1$ dimensions. The self-dual Lagrangian is composed by a vector field and an

Master actions for massive spin-3 particles in D = 2 + 1

We present here a relationship between massive self-dual models for spin-3 particles in $$D=2+1$$D=2+1 via the master action procedure. Starting with a first-order model (in the derivatives)

Higher order self-dual models for spin-3 particles in D=2+1

In $D=2+1$ dimensions, elementary particles of a given helicity can be described by local Lagrangians (parity singlets). By means of a "soldering" procedure two opposite helicities can be joined


We study the connection, at the quantum level, between (d = 2+1)-dimensional self-dual models with actions of growing (from first to fourth) order, governing the dynamics of helicity ±2 massive

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We present a unified analysis of the self-dual, second order, topologically massive and the recently introduced fourth-order models of massive gravity in 3D. We show that there is a family of

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Using the parent Lagrangian method together with a dimensional reduction from D to (D-1) dimensions, we construct dual theories for massive spin two fields in arbitrary dimensions in terms of a mixed

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The coupling problem of higher spin fields with a non dynamical background is revisited, focussing our attention in 2+1 dimensional space-time. Starting with a suitable Lagrangian field formulation,

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In this thesis, we present two aspects of higher-spin gauge field theories: dualities and interactions. We first consider dualities of the free theories at the level of the action. Then, external

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In this article, an introduction to the nonlinear equations for completely symmetric bosonic higher spin gauge fields in anti de Sitter space of any dimension is provided. To make the presentation

Studies in Certain Planar Field Theories

This is to certify that the thesis entitled " Studies in Certain Planar Field Theories " submitted by Sri Tomy Scaria who got his name registered on 13.08.2001 for the award of Ph.D.(Science) degree


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