Dual description of η-deformed OSP sigma models

  title={Dual description of $\eta$-deformed OSP sigma models},
  author={Mikhail Alfimov and Boris Feigin and Ben Hoare and Alexey Litvinov},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
Abstract We study the dual description of the η-deformed OSP(N|2m) sigma model in the asymptotically free regime (N > 2m + 2). Compared to the case of classical Lie groups, for supergroups there are inequivalent η-deformations corresponding to different choices of simple roots. For a class of such deformations we propose the system of screening charges depending on a continuous parameter b, which defines the η-deformed OSP(N|2m) sigma model in the limit b → ∞ and a certain Toda QFT as b → 0… 
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