Dual degradation signals control Gli protein stability and tumor formation.

  title={Dual degradation signals control Gli protein stability and tumor formation.},
  author={Erik G. Huntzicker and Ivette S Estay and Hanson Hui Zhen and Ludmila A Lokteva and Peter Kent Jackson and Anthony E Oro},
  journal={Genes & development},
  volume={20 3},
Regulated protein destruction controls many key cellular processes with aberrant regulation increasingly found during carcinogenesis. Gli proteins mediate the transcriptional effects of the Sonic hedgehog pathway, which is implicated in up to 25% of human tumors. Here we show that Gli is rapidly destroyed by the proteasome and that mouse basal cell carcinoma induction correlates with Gli protein accumulation. We identify two independent destruction signals in Gli1, D(N) and D(C), and show that… CONTINUE READING

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