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Dual-band ( 1 : 4 ) Wilkinson Power Divider on Silicon

  title={Dual-band ( 1 : 4 ) Wilkinson Power Divider on Silicon},
  author={Kamaljeet Singh and A. Karmakar},
This article presents the design and realization of a two stage dual band (1.575 GHz and 2.680 GHz) Wilkinson power divider on silicon substrate using microstrip technology. The design incorporates compact open stub in serpentine shape. Step impedance resonator (SIR) in T-shaped stub is incorporated to provide additional degree of freedom. The measured performance shows insertion loss variation of ± 0.4 dB (max.), return loss better than 15 dB and isolation greater than 13 dB at both the… Expand

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  • IEEE International Conference on Recent Advances in Microwave Theory and Applications