Dual Teichmuller and lamination spaces

  title={Dual Teichmuller and lamination spaces},
  author={Vladimir V. Fock and Alexander B. Goncharov},
  journal={arXiv: Differential Geometry},
We survey explicit coordinate descriptions for two (A and X) versions of Teichmuller and lamination spaces for open 2D surfaces, and extend them to the more general set-up of surfaces with distinguished collections of points on the boundary. Main features, such as mapping class group action, Poisson and symplectic structures and others, are described in these terms. The lamination spaces are interpreted as the tropical limits of the Teichmuller ones. Canonical pairings between lamination and… 

Higher Teichmüller Spaces: from SL(2,R) to other Lie groups

The first part of this paper surveys several characterizations of Teichm\"uller space as a subset of the space of representation of the fundamental group of a surface into PSL(2,R). Special emphasis

Cluster varieties from Legendrian knots

Author(s): Shende, V; Treumann, D; Williams, H; Zaslow, E | Abstract: © 2019 Duke University Press. All rights reserved. Many interesting spaces-including all positroid strata and wild character

Higher laminations and affine buildings

We give a Thurston-like definition for laminations on higher Teichmuller spaces associated to a surface $S$ and a semi-simple group $G$ for $G-SL_m$ and $PGL_m$. The case $G=SL_2$ or $PGL_2$

Harmonic maps and wild Teichmüller spaces

We use meromorphic quadratic differentials with higher order poles to parametrize the Teichmüller space of crowned hyperbolic surfaces. Such a surface is obtained on uniformizing a compact Riemann

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We interpret the previously developed Teichmüller theory of surfaces with marked points on boundary components (bordered surfaces) as the Teichmüller theory of Riemann surfaces with orbifold points

Laminations from the symplectic double

Let S be a compact oriented surface with boundary together with finitely many marked points on the boundary, and let $$S^\circ $$S∘ be the same surface equipped with the opposite orientation. We

A uniqueness property for the quantization of Teichmüller Spaces

Chekhov, Fock and Kashaev introduced a quantization of the Teichmüller space of a punctured surface S, and an exponential version $${\mathcal{T}}^q(S)$$ of this construction was developed by Bonahon

On cluster algebras arising from unpunctured surfaces II

Teichmüller spaces of riemann surfaces with orbifold points of arbitrary order and cluster variables

We generalize a new class of cluster type mutations for which exchange transformations are given by reciprocal polynomials. In the case of second-order polynomials of the form



Dual Teichm\" uller spaces

We describe in elementary geometrical terms Teichm\" uller spaces of decorated and holed surfaces. We construct explicit global coordinates on them as well as on the spaces of measured laminations

Moduli spaces of local systems and higher Teichmüller theory

Let G be a split semisimple algebraic group over Q with trivial center. Let S be a compact oriented surface, with or without boundary. We define positive representations of the fundamental group of S

Cluster algebras and Weil-Petersson forms

In our previous paper we have discussed Poisson properties of cluster algebras of geometric type for the case of a nondegenerate matrix of transition exponents. In this paper we consider the case of

Kleinian Groups and Uniformization in Examples and Problems

Aimed at researchers, graduate students and undergraduates alike, this book presents a unified exposition of all the main areas and methods of the theory of Kleinian groups and the theory of


We review both the construction of conformal blocks in quantum Liouville theory and the quantization of Teichmuller spaces as developed by Kashaev, Checkov and Fock. In both cases one assigns to a


We determine that the deformation space of convex real projective structures, that is, projectively flat torsion-free connections with the geodesic convexity property on a compact 2-orbifold of

A quantum Teichmüller space

We explicitly describe a noncommutative deformation of the *-algebra of functions on the Teichmüller space of Riemann surfaces with holes that is equivariant with respect to the action of the mapping

Quantum Teichm\"uller space

We describe explicitly a noncommutative deformation of the *-algebra of functions on the Teichm\"uller space of Riemann surfaces with holes equivariant w.r.t. the mapping class group action.

The real analytic theory of Teichmüller space