Dual Roles of RNF2 in Melanoma Progression.

  title={Dual Roles of RNF2 in Melanoma Progression.},
  author={Kunal Rai and Kadir Caner Akdemir and Lawrence N. Kwong and Petko Fiziev and Chang-Jiun Wu and Emily Z Keung and Sneha Sharma and Neha S Samant and Maura Williams and Jacob B Axelrad and Amiksha Shah and Dong Yang and Elizabeth Ann Grimm and Michelle Craig Barton and Den{\'a}i R. Milton and Timothy Paul Heffernan and James W. Horner and Suhendan Ekmekcioglu and Alexander J Lazar and Jason Ernst and Lynda Chin},
  journal={Cancer discovery},
  volume={5 12},
UNLABELLED Epigenetic regulators have emerged as critical factors governing the biology of cancer. Here, in the context of melanoma, we show that RNF2 is prognostic, exhibiting progression-correlated expression in human melanocytic neoplasms. Through a series of complementary gain-of-function and loss-of-function studies in mouse and human systems, we establish that RNF2 is oncogenic and prometastatic. Mechanistically, RNF2-mediated invasive behavior is dependent on its ability to… CONTINUE READING