Dual Pairs of Sequence Spaces

  • Published 2001


The paper aims to develop for sequence spaces E a general concept for reconciling certain results, for example inclusion theorems, concerning generalizations of the Köthe-Toeplitz duals E× (×∈ {α,β}) combined with dualities (E,G), G ⊂ E×, and the SAK property (weak sectional convergence). Taking Eβ := {(yk) ∈ ω := KN | (ykxk) ∈ cs} =: Ecs , where cs denotes the set of all summable sequences, as a starting point, then we get a general substitute of Ecs by replacing cs by any locally convex sequence space S with sum s ∈ S′ (in particular, a sum space) as defined by Ruckle (1970). This idea provides a dual pair (E,ES) of sequence spaces and gives rise for a generalization of the solid topology and for the investigation of the continuity of quasi-matrix maps relative to topologies of the duality (E,Eβ). That research is the basis for general versions of three types of inclusion theorems: two of them are originally due to Bennett and Kalton (1973) and generalized by the authors (see Boos and Leiger (1993 and 1997)), and the third was done by Große-Erdmann (1992). Finally, the generalizations, carried out in this paper, are justified by four applications with results around different kinds of Köthe-Toeplitz duals and related section properties. 2000 Mathematics Subject Classification. 46A45, 46A20, 46A30, 40A05.

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