Dual Multiparameter Schur Q-Functions

  title={Dual Multiparameter Schur Q-Functions},
  author={Sergei Korotkikh},
  journal={Journal of Mathematical Sciences},
  • S. Korotkikh
  • Published 27 May 2017
  • Mathematics
  • Journal of Mathematical Sciences
For the Schur Q-functions there is a Cauchy identity, which shows a duality between the Schur P- and Q-functions. We will be interested in the multiparameter Schur Q-functions, which were introduced by V. N. Ivanov, and we will give dual analogs of the multiparameter Schur Q(P)-functions, with a corresponding multiparameter Cauchy identity. 

Multiparameter Schur Q-Functions Are Solutions of the BKP Hierarchy

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We prove that multiparameter Schur $Q$-functions, which include as specializations factorial Schur $Q$-functions and classical Schur $Q$-functions, provide solutions of the BKP hierarchy

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Comultiplication Rules for the Double Schur Functions and Cauchy Identities

  • A. Molev
  • Mathematics
    Electron. J. Comb.
  • 2009
The dual Littlewood{Richardson coecien ts} provide a multiplication rule for the dual Schur functions and prove multiparameter analogues of the Cauchy identity.

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