Dual-Band Microstrip Bandstop Filter With Multiple Transmission Poles Using Coupled Lines

  title={Dual-Band Microstrip Bandstop Filter With Multiple Transmission Poles Using Coupled Lines},
  author={Wenjie J. Feng and Meiling L. Hong and Wenquan Q. Che and Quan Xue},
  journal={IEEE Microwave and Wireless Components Letters},
A novel dual-band microstrip bandstop filter with multiple poles using open/shorted coupled lines is proposed in this paper. Nine transmission poles near the two stopbands can be easily realized by conventional coupled lines and transmission lines. The two center frequencies of the dual-band bandstop filter can be adjusted flexibly by only changing the even/odd-mode of the coupled lines. The planar microstrip dual-band bandstop filter (<inline-formula> <tex-math notation="LaTeX">$\varepsilon r… CONTINUE READING

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