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Du rural à l'urbain

  title={Du rural {\`a} l'urbain},
  author={Henri Lef{\`e}bvre and R{\'e}mi Hess},
Henri Lefebvre’s Urban Critical Theory: Rethinking the City against Capitalism
ABSTRACT In the article the author highlights the main ways of the Lefebvrian sociological analysis conceived starting from the transformations of the city in the Fordist era: From the production of
  • Teresa Sá
  • History
    Sustainable Development and Planning X
  • 2018
The starting point of this communication is Henri Lefebvre’s thinking on urbanism and planning. We find, in Lefebvre’s works, two great themes of reflection: daily life and the city. His
New Methods to City"s Otherness: Ethical Substance, Relational Metrics and Scale of Sociality
Keywords: city ; urbanism ; geography (critical) ; anthropology (critical moral) ; psychology (moral) ; otherness ; ethical reasoning ; sociality processes ; practices ; methodology Reference
Territorial justice and equity criteria – spatial planning in Ticino
Abstract. This paper analyses from a philosophical and interdisciplinary point of view two master plans of the canton Ticino – the first one from 1990, Keynesian, and the second one from 2009,
Articulaciones entre derecho a la ciudad y el buen vivir/bien vivir como instrumentos de liberación / Articulations between right to the city and good living/well living as instruments of liberation
Resumen Proponemos problematizar la articulacion del Derecho a la Ciudad, como dispositivo de resistencia y transformacion, con las propuestas del Buen Vivir/Bien Vivir, transmitidas y practicadas
Social Tourism 'In Practice': The Tourist Experience of Homeless People in the Metropolitan Region of Rio de Janeiro-RJ, Brazil
When they are disregarded as citizens, people on the street seem to be invisible with regard to their rights, while in their daily lives their presence causes discomfort, generating the inverse of
Com e sem vizinhos: formas de habitar becos e pátios nos centros de Salvador e Lisboa
Este artigo tem como objetivo refletir sobre as relacoes entre espaco construido e praticas de habitar a partir do material etnografico produzido em duas microlocalidades: o beco Camponesa e o patio
The French policy called "politique de la ville" that was institutionalized in the 80s, aimed to manage social contemporary problems of low cost housing built by the state in the 50s and 60s at the
Spatial Practices in the Space of Haze City
As China undergoes rapid industrialization and urbanization, haze has become a serious environmental problem, which has brought about some significant changes to the urban space. By examining the
On Urban Morphology and Mathematics
  • L. D'Acci
  • Materials Science
    The Mathematics of Urban Morphology
  • 2019
This chapter introduces the isolated and joined meaning of the terms Urban, Morphology and Mathematics. After a brief synthesis of the re-emerging new science of cities and urban morphology, it