• Materials Science
  • Published 2010

Dry screw driver

  title={Dry screw driver},
  author={宝洛·卡瓦陶塔 and 阿姆伯图·陶玫},
A dry screw compressor having a male rotor (2) at a peripheral speed lower than 80 m/s. The compressor (1) comprises: - a casing body (4) having an inlet (10) for a gaseous fluid to be taken in and at least an outlet (11) for the compressed fluid; - at least a male rotor (2) and at least a female rotor (3) meshed together, said rotors (2, 3) being arranged inside said casing body (4). The compressor (1) is characterized in that the ratio between the length (Lm) and the external diameter of the… CONTINUE READING