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Dry cupping therapy decreases cellulite in women: A pilot study

  title={Dry cupping therapy decreases cellulite in women: A pilot study},
  author={Muzeyyen Arslan and Nalan Kutlu and Merve Tepe and N. Yilmaz and Leyla {\"O}zdemir and Senol Dane},
Some recent studies showed that lymphatic system stimulation is efficacious in the treatment of cellulite. [...] Key Method A pre-test and post-test quasi-experimental design was utilized in this study. The dry moving cupping therapy was applied on right and left thighs of forty healthy female subjects. The grade of cellulite was assessed before and three days following dry moving cupping therapy. In the present study, the mean grade of cellulite was decreased following dry moving cupping therapy comparing with…Expand
The effect of traditional wet cupping on shoulder pain and neck pain: A pilot study.
It can be stated that WCT has potential therapeutic effect in nonspecific neck and upper shoulder pain and future full-scale randomized controlled trials will be needed to provide firm evidence of the effectiveness of this intervention.
The Effects of Wet Cupping Therapy on the Blood Levels of Some Heavy Metals: A Pilot Study.
The results suggest that wet cupping therapy has an excretory effect on the kidney, and may clear blood from excess heavy metals.
Influence of quantified dry cupping on soft tissue compliance in athletes with myofascial pain syndrome
This quantitative cupping monitoring system could immediately assess tissue compliance and facilitate the improvement of soft tissues after cupping therapy and can be used in athletes to improve their functional recovery and maintain soft tissues health during the off-season period.
Is it possible to remove heavy metals from the body by wet cupping therapy ( Al-hijamah )?
Wet cupping therapy (WCT) is a traditional blood-letting method recommended for treating a lot of diseases. Al-hijamah is WCT of prophetic medicine that's also called the triple S technique that
Scientific Overview of Cupping Applications in Athletes
Derneği. Tüm hakları saklıdır. ABSTRACT Recently, the interest in traditional and complementary medicine applications (TCM) are increasing among the athletes. One of the most widely used TCM
Wet cupping therapy improves mu opioid receptor expression and pain threshold in animal models of inflammation
Wet cupping therapy as effective in relieving pain as opioids, by triggering mu opioid receptor expression.
A case study: Effects of wet cupping therapy in a male with primary infertility
Wet cupping therapy can be effective in treating individuals with infertility and the wife of a 32-year-old male with infertility became pregnant after two months of wet cupped therapy.
Effects of Cupping Therapy in Amateur and Professional Athletes: Systematic Review of Randomized Controlled Trials.
No explicit recommendation for or against the use of cupping for athletes can be made, as the majority of trials had an unclear or high risk of bias and none of the studies reported safety.


A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Trial of Topical Retinol in the Treatment of Cellulite
It is hypothesized that the functional and phenotypic changes seen in this study were linked and represent the result of a direct or indirect modulating effect of retinol on cellulite, which ultimately improve the resting tensions inside the skin which should in turn smooth the skin surface.
Intensive Treatment of Cellulite Based on Physiopathological Principles
This technique involving lymphatic system stimulation is efficacious in the treatment of cellulite in patients with ages ranging between 25 and 59 years (mean 35.6 years) grade IV cellulite identified by clinical evaluation.
Treatment of cellulite based on the hypothesis of a novel physiopathology
This technique of lymphatic system stimulation is efficacious in the treatment of cellulite, consisting of manual and mechanical lymph drainage and cervical stimulation using the Godoy and Godoy technique.
An Updated Review of the Efficacy of Cupping Therapy
Meta-analysis showed cupping therapy combined with other TCM treatments was significantly superior to other treatments alone in increasing the number of cured patients with herpes zoster, facial paralysis, acne, and cervical spondylosis.
An integral topical gel for cellulite reduction: results from a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled evaluation of efficacy
The efficacy of the present integral formulation to significantly reduce signs of cellulite and reshape the silhouette is validated and perceived by the volunteers themselves as better performing than placebo on all criteria.
Randomized Controlled Trial of Pulsating Cupping (Pneumatic Pulsation Therapy) for Chronic Neck Pain
Pneumatic pulsation therapy appears to be a safe and effective method to relieve pain and to improve function and quality of life in patients with chronic neck pain.
Methods of Wet Cupping Therapy (Al-Hijamah): In Light of Modern Medicine and Prophetic Medicine
It is reported here that CPC method is better than PC method in clearing blood and interstitial spaces from CPS and is a highly recommended treatment in prophetic medicine, medicine related to Prophet Mohammad peace be upon him.
Reduction in thigh circumference and improvement in the appearance of cellulite with dual-wavelength, low-level laser energy and massage
The low-level, dual-wavelength laser energy and massage device safely improves the appearance of cellulite and reduces thigh circumference while reducing thigh circumference in most subjects.
Cupping: from a biomechanical perspective.
The effectiveness of the cupping technique, a treatment modality in Traditional Chinese Medicine, in stimulating acupuncture points for pain relief was examined in this paper from a biomechanical perspective and experimental verification of the proposed multi-layered finite-element model is presented.
Effects ofmechanicalmassage, manuallymphatic drainage and connective tissuemanipulation techniqueson fat massin women with cellulite
Objective To evaluate and compare the effectiveness of three different noninvasive treatment techniques on fat mass and regional fat thickness of the patients with cellulites. Methods Sixty subjects