Drumstick (Moringa oleifera): A multipurpose Indian vegetable

  title={Drumstick (Moringa oleifera): A multipurpose Indian vegetable},
  author={C. Ramachandran and K. V. Peter and P. K. Gopalakrishnan},
  journal={Economic Botany},
The Hindustan centre of crop origin is the cradle of many economically important vegetable crops. Ash gourd (Benincasa hispida Cogn.), bitter gourd (Momordica charantia L.), kundru (Coccinia indica L.), pointed gourd (Trichosanthes dioica L.), snake gourd (Trichosanthes anguina L.), egg plant (Solanum melongena L.), hyacinth bean (Dolichos lablab L.), sword bean (Canavalia sp.) and many other vegetables originated in this part of the world. There is yet another vitamin-rich, mineral-packed and… 
'Drumstick Tree' ( Moringa oleifera Lam.) is Multipurpose Potential Crop in Rural Area of India
Moringa oleifera is one of those plants that has been neglected for several years but now is being investigated for its fast growth, higher nutritional attributes, and utilization as a livestock fodder crop.
The incredible queen of green: Nutritive value and therapeutic potential of Moringa oleifera Lam.
Moringa oleifera is one of the extensively cultivated and highly valued members of Moringaceae, a monogeneric family, comprising of thirteen perennial angiosperm shrubs and trees, and is cultivated throughout tropics.
Moringa oleifera Lam: A review
Moringa oleifera lam native to India grows in the tropical and subtropical regions of the world. It is commonly known as ‘drumstick tree’ or ‘horseradish tree’. Moringa can withstand both severe
Moringa oleifera: Miracle Plant with a Plethora of Medicinal, Therapeutic, and Economic Importance
Moringa oleifera Lam. (Moringaceae) is one of the most essential medicinal plants primarily found in the rainforest area and forest ecosystem, but is now well-adapted in an organized cultivation
Scientific seed production techniques in Moringa
By adopting the various scientific techniques such as correct season of sowing, seed treatment, pinching, water and nutrient management and plat protection measures at right time, the quality seeds of moringa could be produced.
Assessment of Awareness Level of Nutritional and Medicinal Benefits of Moringa Oleifera Plant among Farmers in South West Nigeria
Moringa oleifera belongs to the monogeneric family Moringaceae (Verdcourt 1985; Olson 2002). The family Moringaceae includes species exhibiting a wide range of forms, from bottle trees to slender
Review Article A Multipurpose Tree- Moringa oleifera
This review focuses on the detailed phytochemical composition, medicinal uses, along with pharmacological properties of different parts of this multipurpose tree.
Traditional leafy vegetables in Senegal: diversity and medicinal uses.
  • Gueye MathieuDiouf Meissa
  • Environmental Science
    African journal of traditional, complementary, and alternative medicines : AJTCAM
  • 2007
Six administrative regions of Senegal were investigated and forty species of vegetable leaves which are traditionally consumed in Senegal have been inventoried, finding abscess, constipation, and rheumatism are predominant followed by aphrodisiac uses.
The horseradish tree,Moringa pterygosperma (Moringaceae)—A boon to Arid Lands?
The horseradish tree (Moringa pterygosperma,) is being introduced into drought-ridden lands to augment the local food and fodder supply and the long-range effects of ingesting various parts of the tree as food or folkmedicine need study.
The incredible queen of green: moringa oleifera lam. nutritive value and therpautic potential
The present review is intended to emphasize the phytochemical constitution, traditional medicinal uses along pharmacological properties of Moringa oleifera to create public awareness regarding therapeutic and nutritive potential of this multipurpose tree and urge the researchers to fill the gap by exploring novel therapeutic compounds that will, of course, be in favor of humanity.


Handbook of Economic Entomology for South India
The author is very well qualified for the task, having many papers and bulletins on South Indian economic entomology to his credit, and the book is well printed and seems to be very free from errors, while its numerous illustrations add materially to its value.
Pterygospermin: the Antibacterial Principle of Moringa pterygosperma, Gaertn.
The present communication deals with the antibacterial properties of the extracts of the root of Moringa pterygosperma, which contain antibiotic substances effective against both Gram-positive and Gram-negative organisms.
A working list of the flowering plants of Baluchistan
A working list of the flowering plants of Baluchistan is a list of flowering plants that have been recorded in the province over the years.