Drugs for nocturnal enuresis in children (other than desmopressin and tricyclics).

  title={Drugs for nocturnal enuresis in children (other than desmopressin and tricyclics).},
  author={Cathryn M A Glazener and Jonathan H. C. Evans and Rachel E Peto},
  journal={The Cochrane database of systematic reviews},
BACKGROUND Enuresis (bedwetting) is a socially stigmatising and stressful condition which affects around 15-20% of five year olds, and up to 2% of young adults. Although there is a high rate of spontaneous remission, the social, emotional and psychological costs to the children can be great. OBJECTIVES To assess the effects of drugs other than desmopressin and tricyclics on nocturnal enuresis in children, and to compare them with other interventions. SEARCH STRATEGY We searched the Cochrane… CONTINUE READING
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