Drug pricing and reimbursement information management: processes and decision making in the global economy

  title={Drug pricing and reimbursement information management: processes and decision making in the global economy},
  author={Dimitrios Tsourougiannis},
  journal={Journal of Market Access \& Health Policy},
  • D. Tsourougiannis
  • Published 1 January 2017
  • Medicine
  • Journal of Market Access & Health Policy
ABSTRACT Background: Cost-containment initiatives are re-shaping the pharmaceutical business environment and affecting market access as well as pricing and reimbursement decisions. Effective price management procedures are too complex to accomplish manually. Prior to February 2013, price management within Astellas Pharma Europe Ltd was done manually using an Excel database. The system was labour intensive, slow to update, and prone to error. An innovative web-based pricing information… 


Pharmaceutical policies in European countries in response to the global financial crisis
Cost-containment has been an issue for high-income countries in Europe – no matter if hit by the crisis or not and measures which can be implemented rather swiftly were among the most frequent.
Setting cost-effectiveness thresholds as a means to achieve appropriate drug prices in rich and poor countries.
It is found that in rich countries, insurance coverage can make consumers insensitive to price, which means that manufacturers' prices are largely unrestrained unless payers intervene, and the poorest countries face the highest prices, relative to their mean per capita income.
Cost-Containment Policies in Public Pharmaceutical Spending in the EU
The paper makes the case that, by following numerous best-practices in pharmaceutical sector regulations, the value for money of pharmaceutical consumption could be substantially increased.
Pharmaceutical pricing policies in a global market
Pharmaceutical policy making raises particular challenges in reconciling key objectives for health policy with other important policy considerations, such as providing support to a valuable national industry.
Differences in costs of and access to pharmaceutical products in the EU
The approaches that Member States have used to regulate the pharmaceutical market on both the supply and demand sides are reviewed, and evidence regarding the impact of these different approaches on pharmaceutical prices, costcontainment, industry innovation is assessed.
Managing the development of large software systems
I have had various assignments during the past years, mostly concerned with the development of software packages for spacecraft mission planning, commanding and post-flight analysis, and I have become prejudiced by my experiences and is going to relate some of these prejudices in this presentation.
It's All about the Data
WHO/HAI project on medicine prices and availability-Working paper 1: external reference pricing
  • World Health Organization and Health Action International
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in: Enterprise Revenue Dynamics For Pharmaceutical Manufacturers. The Integration of Contracts, Pricing, and Compliance for Better Performance Outcomes. Revitas White Paper
  • Health Industry Insights