Drug inhibition of HDAC3 and epigenetic control of differentiation in Apicomplexa parasites

  title={Drug inhibition of HDAC3 and epigenetic control of differentiation in Apicomplexa parasites},
  author={Alexandre Bougdour and Dani{\'e}le Maubon and P. Baldacci and Philippe Ortet and Olivier Bastien and Anthony Bouillon and Jean-Christophe Barale and Herv{\'e} Pelloux and Robert M{\'e}nard and Mohamed-Ali Hakimi},
  booktitle={The Journal of experimental medicine},
Plasmodium and Toxoplasma are parasites of major medical importance that belong to the Apicomplexa phylum of protozoa. These parasites transform into various stages during their life cycle and express a specific set of proteins at each stage. Although little is yet known of how gene expression is controlled in Apicomplexa, histone modifications, particularly acetylation, are emerging as key regulators of parasite differentiation and stage conversion. We investigated the anti-Apicomplexa effect… CONTINUE READING


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