Drug-induced seizures in the elderly. Causative agents and optimal management.

  title={Drug-induced seizures in the elderly. Causative agents and optimal management.},
  author={K L Franson and Donald P. Hay and Vernon M Neppe and W Y Dahdal and W U Mirza and George T Grossberg and Daniel M Chatel and Peggy A Szwabo and S Kotegal},
  journal={Drugs & aging},
  volume={7 1},
We conducted a review of drugs that were most commonly associated with inducing seizures in the elderly population. The method for determining the risk of these agents includes evaluating the utilisation and the percentage of adverse events in previous studies and case reports. Classes of medications, such as anti-psychotics and antidepressants, are extensively reviewed to provide the clinician with treatment options in high risk patients. The risk of seizures secondary to the withdrawal of… CONTINUE READING

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