Drug-induced hyperthermia and muscle rigidity: a practical approach.

  title={Drug-induced hyperthermia and muscle rigidity: a practical approach.},
  author={Eran Hadad and Avi A. Weinbroum and Ron Ben-Abraham},
  journal={European journal of emergency medicine : official journal of the European Society for Emergency Medicine},
  volume={10 2},
Body thermoregulation can be violently offset by drugs capable of altering the balance between heat production and dissipation. Such events may rapidly become fatal. The drugs that are involved in the eruption of such syndromes include inhalation anaesthetics, sympathomimetic agents, serotonin antagonists, antipsychotic agents and compounds that exhibit anticholinergic properties. The resultant hyperthermia is frequently accompanied by an intense skeletal muscle hypermetabolic reaction that… CONTINUE READING
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