[Drug-induced hepatitis after dihydralazine treatment with fatal consequences].


Adverse drug side effects of the antihypertensive substance dihydralazine have been increasingly observed in recent years. Damage is concentrated on the liver and is characterized by drug-induced hepatitis with confluent necrosis. Three cases (60 year old woman, 79 year old woman, 61 year old man) with lethal course after antihypertensive treatment, using… (More)


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@article{Machnik1988DruginducedHA, title={[Drug-induced hepatitis after dihydralazine treatment with fatal consequences].}, author={Grzegorz T. Machnik and Aline Bergert and Jan Justus and Phillipp Kunze and Ruppert M{\"{u}ller and M. Reinhardt and H. Schulz and Gideon Y. Stein and Rosemarie Thiele}, journal={Zentralblatt fur allgemeine Pathologie u. pathologische Anatomie}, year={1988}, volume={134 2}, pages={167-77} }