Drug-Facilitated Robbery or Sexual Assault: Problems Associated with Amnesia

  title={Drug-Facilitated Robbery or Sexual Assault: Problems Associated with Amnesia},
  author={Jean Pierre Goull{\'e} and Jean Pierre Anger},
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Abstract: Amnesia following sedative-hypnotic drug exposure is discussed. Anterograde amnesia clearly occurs with many benzodiazepines. Several drugs are assessed: benzodiazepines and two hypnotics in particular that are structurally unrelated to the benzodiazepines but share some of their properties: zolpidem and zopiclone. The amnesic effects of these drugs are described, memory process, biology of memory, and memory process impairment documented. With these drugs anterograde amnesia has been… 

Compulsive activity and anterograde amnesia after zolpidem use

It is demonstrated that compulsive activity combined with anterograde amnesia may be associated with the use of zolpidem and Physicians and pharmacists should be aware of this potential side effect.

Drug-Assisted Sexual Assaults

  • M. Krasowski
  • Biology, Psychology
    Critical Issues in Alcohol and Drugs of Abuse Testing
  • 2019

Forensic Aspects of Hypnotic Drugs

Overall, the non-benzodiazepine hypnotics have a good safety record but professionals involved in healthcare and forensics should be aware of the potential adverse effects.

Medical and Toxicological Aspects of Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault

Implementation of preventative measures such as not drinking from open containers, avoiding alcohol intoxication in public settings, and monitoring for signs of unexpected intoxication among friends should decrease the occurrence of drug-facilitated sexual assault.

Criminal poisoning: drug-facilitated sexual assault.

Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assaults

Medical and criminal justice personnel may be confronted with subjects who may have been sexually assaulted while under the influence of a substance that affected their ability to resist or, in some

The Involvement of Drugs and Alcohol in Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault

Evidence that quantifies the contribution of drugs in instances of alleged DFSA is examined, the substances involved are identified, and the implications of these findings are discussed.

Forensic toxicology in drug-facilitated sexual assault

A major focus of this review is to harmonize practical approaches and guidelines to rapidly uncover drug-facilitated sexual assault, namely issues related to when to perform toxicological analysis, toxicological requests, samples to be collected, storage, preservation and transport precautions and xenobiotics or endobiotics to be analyzed.

Drug-facilitated sexual assault, impaired trauma memory, and implications for mental health treatment

ABSTRACT Background Sexual assault (SA) is a highly prevalent global public health problem and a robust predictor of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), substance use disorder (SUD), and



Tranquillising memories: A review of the effects of benzodiazepines on human memory

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Effects of hypnotic drugs on memory.

Benzodiazepine-induced amnesia and anaesthetic practice: a review.

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Amnesia is more profound for cutaneous-tactile and auditory than for visual stimuli, but actual surgical events, or emotionally laden material, are more likely to be recalled than artificial stimuli.

Disinhibition, amnestic reactions, and other adverse reactions secondary to triazolam: a review of the literature.

There is little scientific evidence that triazolam is associated with disinhibitory or other adverse reactions at a greater frequency than other benzodiazepines.

Sedative, memory, and performance effects of hypnotics

The sedative, amnestic, and performance disruptive effects of benzodiazepine (Bz) receptor selective and non-selective hypnotics were studied in 23 healthy, normal subjects and no receptor selectivity in these pharmacodynamic effects was observed.

The amnesic effect of diazepam (Valium).

It is considered that the memory difficulties were not due to serious reduction of level of consciousness but do focus on the input or “consolidation” processes rather than on retrieval.

Effects of Flunitrazepam on Memory and Their Reversal by Two Antagonists

The results suggest that flunitrazepam impairs acquisition of new information by interfering with encoding, and that these effects are clearly independent of sleep.

Club drugs: methylenedioxymethamphetamine, flunitrazepam, ketamine hydrochloride, and gamma-hydroxybutyrate.

The increasing abuse of MDMA, flunitrazepam, ketamine hydrochloride, and GHB, particularly by young people in social settings such as clubs, should put health care professionals on guard to recognize and manage serious reactions.

Oral benzodiazepines and conscious sedation: a review.

  • P. Loeffler
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Effects of hypnotics on memory.

There was one report of an anterograde amnestic episode after flunitrazepam, and all three drugs induced some impairment of memory especially after the first day of administration.