Drug‐induced photosensitivity to bicalutamide – case report and review of the literature

  title={Drug‐induced photosensitivity to bicalutamide – case report and review of the literature},
  author={Kasumi Lee and Yoshiko Oda and Masanobu Sakaguchi and Akihisa Yamamoto and Chikako Nishigori},
Abstract Hormone therapy is highly important in the treatment of prostate cancer. Flutamide is used as an anti-androgen drug for prostate cancer; however, it has been reported that flutamide sometimes causes photosensitivity and severe liver dysfunction. In contrast, bicalutamide seldom causes these side-effects. Therefore, in recent years, flutamide has been replaced with bicalutamide as the most widely used anti-androgen drug for prostate cancer therapy. However, a few cases of… Expand
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Photosensitive drug eruption induced by bicalutamide within the UVB action spectrum.
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Photosensitivity due to bicalutamide
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Adverse Event Report Form: Casodex Tablet
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