Drospirenone and its antialdosterone properties

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Drospirenone is a unique progestogen derived from 17α-spirolactone, with a pharmacologic profile very similar to that of endogenous progesterone. In contrast with other available progestins, drospirenone is a progestogen with aldosterone receptor antagonism (PARA) through its affinity for the mineralocorticoid receptor. It is thus able to act on the renin–angiotensin–aldosterone system (RAAS), which prevents excessive sodium loss and regulates blood pressure. Estrogen acts on the RAAS to… 

A review of the cardiovascular and breast actions of drospirenone in preclinical studies

Differences in pharmacological profile among progestins may translate to characteristic divergences in clinical profile, with potential implications for long-term health.

Effects of spironolactone on dysmenorrhoea: a case report

This is the first report to describe an improvement in dysmenorrhoea and menorrhagia in a patient with adenomyosis after SPL administration.

Hormonal therapy with estradiol and drospirenone improves endothelium-dependent vasodilation in the coronary bed of ovariectomized spontaneously hypertensive rats

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  • Medicine, Biology
    Brazilian journal of medical and biological research = Revista brasileira de pesquisas medicas e biologicas
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Hormonal therapy with E2 and DRSP may be an important therapeutic option in the prevention of coronary heart disease in hypertensive post-menopausal women.

[The influence of a combined low dose oral contraceptive containing drospirenone on electrolite equlibrum and renal function in young woman].

The therapy of a low dose oral contraceptive containing 20 microg ethinyloestradiol and 3.0 mg drospirenone does not influence the electrolyte equilibrium and renal function.

Safety, efficacy and patient acceptability of drospirenone and estradiol in the treatment of menopausal vasomotor symptoms: a review

All studies agree that the combination of estradiol 1 mg plus drospirenone 2 mg is a good choice for postmenopausal women with vasomotor symptoms.

Treatment of hirsutism with combined pill containing drospirenone

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    Gynecological endocrinology : the official journal of the International Society of Gynecological Endocrinology
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The EE/DRSP pill improves hirsutism in women via antiandrogenic and antimineralocorticoid action and the biochemical manifestations of hyperandrogenism are also improved.

Menopausal hyperinsulinism and hypertension – new approach

E2/DRSP represents suitable therapy for hyperinsulinemic, grade I hypertensive menopausal women with typical symptoms and normal weight.

Контрацептивные и лечебные эффекты комбинированного орального контрацептива с дроспиреноном

Combined oral contraceptives with drospirenone, taking into account their antiandrogenic and antimineralocorticoid properties, are successfully used in the treatment of premenstrual syndrome, polycystic ovaries, hyperandrogenism and in the prevention of endometrial hyperplastic processes without causing significant weight change.

Potassium and the Dyskalemias

This chapter reviews the cellular and molecular physiology of potassium homeostasis, the pathophysiology of hypokalemia and hyperkalemia, and the diagnosis and clinical management of the dyskalemias.



Drospirenone, a progestogen with antimineralocorticoid properties: a short review

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Drospirenone: a new cardiovascular-active progestin with antialdosterone and antiandrogenic properties.

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Phase III studies with E2/DRSP show that DRSP does not antagonize the well-documented reductions of blood pressure associated with E1; rather, small DRSP dose-related reductions in systolic and diastolic blood pressures were observed, which should be beneficial for recipients, especially those who are mildly hypertensive.

Drospirenone: a Novel Progestogen with Antimineralocorticoid and Antiandrogenic Activity

Drospirenone exerts potent progestogenic and antigonadotropic activity which was studied in various animal species and efficiently promotes the maintenance of pregnancy in ovariectomized rats, inhibits ovulation in rats and mice and stimulates endometrial transformation in the rabbit.

Progestogens with antimineralocorticoid activity.

Gestodene may be regarded as the first progestogen of the nortestosterone series exhibiting a more natural, progesterone-like profile of activity and the antimineralocorticoid activity of the steroids tested could also be demonstrated after oral administration.

Differential signal transduction of progesterone and medroxyprogesterone acetate in human endothelial cells.

Findings show significant differences in the signal transduction pathways recruited by P and MPA in endothelial cells, which may have relevant clinical implications.

Dihydrospirorenone, a new progestogen with antimineralocorticoid activity: effects on ovulation, electrolyte excretion, and the renin-aldosterone system in normal women.

It is concluded that DHSP may be a suitable partner of ethinyl estradiol as a constituent of an oral contraceptive, since its progestogenic and antialdosterone profile is similar to that of progesterone.