Drosophila telomeres: an example of co-evolution with transposable elements.

  title={Drosophila telomeres: an example of co-evolution with transposable elements.},
  author={Rute Silva-Sousa and E L{\'o}pez-Panadѐs and Elena Casacuberta},
  journal={Genome dynamics},
Telomeres have a DNA component composed of repetitive sequences. In most eukaryotes these repeats are very similar in length and sequence and are maintained by a highly conserved specialized cellular enzyme, telomerase. Some exceptions of the telomerase mechanism exist in eukaryotes of which the most studied are concentrated in insects, and from these, Drosophila species stand out in particular. The alternative mechanism of telomere maintenance in Drosophila is based on targeted transposition… CONTINUE READING
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