Droplet impact on immiscible liquid pool: Multi-scale dynamics of entrapped air cushion at short timescales

  title={Droplet impact on immiscible liquid pool: Multi-scale dynamics of entrapped air cushion at short timescales},
  author={Durbar Roy and Sophia M and S. Sarveswara Rao and Saptarshi Basu},
  journal={Physics of Fluids},
We have detected unique hydrodynamic topology in thin air film surrounding the central air dimple formed during drop impact on an immiscible liquid pool. The pattern resembles spinodal and finger-like structures typically found in various thin condensed matter systems. However, similar structures in thin entrapped gas films during drop impacts on solids or liquids have not been reported to date. The thickness profile and the associated dewetting dynamics in the entrapped air layer are… 
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