Drop impact reliability of Cu-Zn/Sn-Ag-Cu/Cu-Zn solder joints

  title={Drop impact reliability of Cu-Zn/Sn-Ag-Cu/Cu-Zn solder joints},
  author={Young Min Kim and Youngho Kim},
  journal={2008 International Conference on Electronic Materials and Packaging},
The intermetallic growth in the Sn-Ag-Cu (SAC) solder joints fabricated on Cu or Cu-Zn solder wetting layer and its effect on the drop impact reliability have been studied. The drop test specimens were fabricated by connecting two printed circuit boards by reflowing SASC 405 solder balls on Cu or Cu-Zn wetting layers. And the drop test specimens were aged at 150degC up to 500 hrs. The well known bi-layer of Cu6Sn5 and Cu3Sn with microvoids was formed at the SAC/Cu interfaces during aging. On… CONTINUE READING