[Drop attacks in patients with partial epilepsy].


BACKGROUND It is known the presence of sudden falls or epileptic drop-attacks (DA) in patients with partial epilepsy. OBJECTIVE To review the clinical and electroencephalographic manifestations in our patients with partial epilepsy and DA. PATIENTS AND METHODS Fifteen patients (9 males/6 females) over 18 years with partial epilepsy and epileptic falls were selected. RESULTS The mean age was 39 years (24-56 years). The mean age at seizure onset were 13 years (8 months-49 years) for partial seizures and 26 years (2-54 years) for DA. Secondary generalized or not, all patients had complex partial seizures, associated with simple partial seizures in five (34%). All were treated with politherapy, but a good control was not achieved. EEG recordings showed frontal focus in 7, temporal focus in 8, secondary bilateral synchrony in 9, and increase of electroencephalographic abnormalities during sleep in 9. Cognitive and emotional disorders were observed in 8 and 6 patients, respectively. Nine patients suffered from status epilepticus. The causal lesions were connatal encephalopathy in 8 and criptogenic in the other 7. The main consequence of DA was recurrent craneal trauma in 9 patients. CONCLUSIONS The presence of DA is considered an ominous change in the evolution of a partial epilepsy. It's associated with mental deterioration and emotional disturbances and with drug resistance.

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