Driver's Behaviour Monitoring on Urban Roads of a Tier 2 City in India


There are significant differences in individual driving patterns of drivers due to each one’s varying social behaviours. A driver’s incorrect perception and misinterpretation of true traffic scenario owing to his social behavioural approach causes significant problem for road traffic safety as it leads to degraded performance of driving pattern. Hence there is an urgent need to take measures and develop modules which work for the reduction of road traffic accidents. This paper proposes an approach which will try to analyze the factors which affect the social behavior of a driver. An observational study was carried out in the city of Nagpur with the help of Nagpur Traffic Police Dept. and N.K.P. Salve Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre, India in January 2015. Also live observations were undertaken during daylight hours by installing CCTV cameras to monitor traffic. The observations mainly tried to focus on whether drivers were engaged in any visible type of secondary activity while driving or involved in any type of traffic violation because of aggressive pattern or casual approach. The observations were quite alarming and based on results some approaches have been proposed which help to analyze the relationship between factors causing driving errors and traffic accidents. Keywordssocial behaviour; traffic violations; mobile phone use; zigzag driving; jumping traffic light;, secondary activities

DOI: 10.1109/ICETET.2015.13

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