Driver Modeling and Alignment for Worst-Case Delay Noise

  title={Driver Modeling and Alignment for Worst-Case Delay Noise},
  author={Supamas Sirichotiyakul and David Blaauw and Chanhee Oh and Rafi Levy and Vladimir Zolotov and Jingyan Zuo},
  journal={IEEE Trans. VLSI Syst.},
In this paper, we present a new approach to model the impact of cross-coupling noise on interconnect delay. We introduce a new linear driver model that accurately models the noise pulse induced on a switching signal net due to cross coupling capacitance. The proposed model effectively captures the non-linear behavior of the victim driver gate during the transition and has an average error below 8% whereas the traditional approach using a Thevenin model incurs an average error of 48%. We also… CONTINUE READING

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